Rakuten’s Affiliate Programme
Join the Rakuten’s affiliate programme today and start earning money from your online promotions.

What is an affiliate programme?
By joining the Rakuten’s programme you can earn money simply by promoting us online. For every sale generated as a result of someone clicking through the link or banner on your site, we pay you a commission for generating that sale.

Our Rakuten partners at Linkshare manage our programme and together we have the ability to track clicks and sales. By signing up through one of this platform you also get visibility on the sales you’ve made and any commissions earned.

Why should I join?
• The Rakuten Marketplace is an online shopping mall where customers can access over 20 million listings from our Merchants. We’ve carefully selected these Merchants to offer you the best possible choice, value, and shopping experience. Many of these Merchants have their own online stores within the Rakuten’s website, where you can see their full range.
• The Rakuten Marketplace sells millions of products for you to promote, and our catalogue range is growing rapidly. So no matter what your users are looking for we have something for them!
• Rakuten’s are no longer just a media retailer, our selection of categories includes Toys & Gadgets, Clothing, Sports & Outdoor, Electronics, Mobile and Computing – you will earn commission across all of our different categories.
• We pay commissions on all valid sales generated within 30 days of a click on your website as long as it was the last Rakuten’s marketing link clicked on by a user, and there is no limit to how much you can earn!
• We have regular customer offers and promotions to help you drive sales on the programme.
• We have a range of banners available as well as category specific product feeds to help make your promotions as engaging as possible.
• It is free to join the Rakuten’s affiliate programme, so you have nothing to lose by joining up and adding the links.

What makes the Rakuten’s affiliate programme different?
• In 2012 Rakuten’s had more than 2 billion page impressions. The sheer scale of traffic to the site shows how large the opportunity is for new affiliates to promote Rakuten’s to their customers and contribute to this volume of traffic.
• Our catalogue is continuing to expand rapidly through both our marketplace and this enables us to expand the range of products that you are able to promote as a Rakuten’s affiliate. Whether you are a niche affiliate whose customers have specialist interests, or an incentive affiliate with a variety of customers looking for the best offer and value for money, we cater for them all.
• Rakuten’s welcome a variety of different types of affiliates to the programme, whether you are a content site, forum, price comparison, loyalty, cashback or voucher code site. We are always open to testing potential opportunities.
• We have a dedicated agency team who provide affiliates of all types and sizes with support with their account, whether it be linking and tracking, the latest products and deals to promote or general guidance on the programme.
• Rakuten’s is passionate about affiliate marketing and establishing relationships with our affiliate partners. We work with our agency to keep you up to date with the latest commercial offers, affiliate opportunities & programme updates through bespoke newsletters for affiliates, regular communications on the A4U blog and a dedicated team at Rakuten Linkshare – so you are never lost for ideas and opportunities to earn commission!

How do I join?
You can join the affiliate programme on Linkshare – simply follow this link to sign up

Rakuten Linkshare - Sign Up Today

Contact Us 
For more information or if you are having problems signing up, please contact and the Rakuten Linkshare team will be happy to help.

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We hope to welcome you to the Rakuten’s affiliate programme soon! For more information or if you are having problems signing up, please contact and we will be happy to help. We hope to welcome you to the Rakuten’s affiliate programme soon!