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What is a Gold Star Merchant?

Each month, we award the status of Gold Star Merchant to our most trusted sellers for demonstrating a combination of great customer service, excellent feedback and fast delivery times.

Meet our other Gold Star Merchants this month

Help influence who is a Gold Star Merchant

You can help influence which merchants get Gold Star status by leaving feedback on your purchases.. To leave feedback simply, visit your Order History.

  • If you are experiencing an issue with an order, please contact the merchant to give them the opportunity to correct the problem before leaving negative feedback.
  • When leaving feedback, keep your feedback as informative as possible, especially if it is negative. That way, the merchant can take onboard what went right or wrong and learn from it.

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What is the Rakuten Marketplace?

The world’s most exciting online shopping mall . Packed with millions of products all, you can earn Rakuten SuperPoints on everything.
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