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Shop with Confidence

We strive to ensure that shopping with us is as straightforward as possible. If things don't go as planned, we have clear processes in place to ensure you're covered.

Nearly all problems can be solved very quickly by contacting the Merchant that you shopped with.

Pay With Security

We take security very seriously and realise that you do too.

Whenever you make a purchase on Rakuten’s Play.com we aim to make that transaction safe.

This is why we keep all your bank details safely stored on our server, and never allow merchants access to them. We think that this is the best way to keep them safe and prevent anyone else from getting to them.

When you log in to your account, we use the internet protocol, Secure Socket Layer (SLL) to ensure anything that you send to us is safe. We use the company VeriSign to provide us with VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates in order to give you the best possible security.

Once you have logged in, you can check that the page is secure because you can see a green lock icon, and “Play Ltd [JE]” in the address bar of any modern browser. You can click on this lock icon to verify that the page is safe, and the information that you type in is encrypted, and not viewable as it travels between you and our servers.

We try to keep you safe, but you can play your part by forwarding any suspicious emails that look to have come from us to privacy@play.com

Find out more about card security

Our VeriSign seal:

Verisign Secured

Make informed decisions

You’ve found the product you really want, but there are several merchants who have it at the same price. How do you choose who to buy from?

We encourage customers to leave honest feedback on all their purchases which includes a feedback rating. Use this information to inform who you buy from and read about other customers experiences. The merchant can respond to feedback which helps to flag circumstances beyond their control to keep the process fair and open.

Remember that at Rakuten’s Play.com we actively pursue our merchants to provide the quality experience customers have come to expect when buying with us. With this in mind if a merchant has received negative feedback a while back don’t let it put you off as this demonstrates they’ve improved their service.

If you do experience an issue with an order, don’t use the feedback process to contact the merchant. Always contact them directly first to try and resolve the problem.

It’s not just the merchant you can leave feedback for; customers can also review every product on the website. Use this information to assess the quality of a product but also to see just how much other customers enjoy it and see what they say about it too.

Find out more about merchant feedback

See our guidelines on writing product reviews

See our guidelines on writing reviews

If something goes wrong

We strive to ensure that shopping with us is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. If things don't go as planned, we have clear processes in place to ensure a prompt resolution is found.

1.Any queries with an order should be directed to the merchant in the first instance.

  Logging into “Your account” and viewing “Order history” will give you the option to “Contact seller” for each transaction.

2.If you don’t hear back from the merchant within 3 working days or can’t resolve the issue

3.Contact our UK Customer Support team.

4.We’ll do the rest.

FAQs for Orders

We’ve got you covered

In the very rare event that an issue with an order can’t be resolved we have in place the FairPlay Guarantee.

If, following a full investigation, Rakuten’s Play.com cannot intervene and resolve the problem you have with an order we will refund you ourselves.

Find out more about the FairPlay Guarantee