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Welcome to the Rakuten Marketplace!

The Rakuten Marketplace - the World’s most exciting online shopping mall. Packed with all the latest products, your favourite brands and hundreds of carefully selected Merchants, you’ll find all you need at fantastic prices.


Huge Choice

20 million listings available, all in one place.


Unique Experience

Enjoy our unique and exclusive Merchant stores.


SuperPoints Rewards

Earn and Spend SuperPoints on all Merchant products.


Shop with Confidence

All orders are processed by Play.com and covered by our FairPlay guarantee to ensure safe and secure shopping.


All in one place

Huge range of products, from action movies to fitness equipment; from the latest fiction to the latest fashion; and from games for your console to fridge freezers for your home.

What is the Rakuten Marketplace?

At the Rakuten Marketplace, you can access over 20 million listings from our Merchants. We’ve carefully selected these Merchants to offer you the best possible choice, value, and shopping experience. Many of these Merchants have their own online stores within the Play.com website, where you can see their full range. You can also learn more about them, to give you confidence while you shop. Check out some of these brand-new stores here.

How do I shop on the Rakuten Marketplace?

The same way you do now! Simply browse the website, visit one of our fantastic promotions, or use the search box to find the items you’re looking for. You’ll notice on our product pages that our Merchants list against all products, so you can simply select who you wish to buy from. Or you can visit one of our Merchant Stores to see their full range.

Shopping on our Marketplace will continue to be as safe and secure as shopping with Play.com has always been, and is covered by the FairPlay guarantee.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our Marketplace. In the meantime, here are some answers to questions you may have on how it all works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my gift vouchers be used for items in the Marketplace?

A:Absolutely; Gift vouchers can be used to purchase anything across Rakuten’s Play.com. To learn more, visit www.play.com/GiftVouchers.html.


Q. Can I use SuperPoints on the Marketplace?

A. Of course, SuperPoints can be used to purchase absolutely anything across Rakuten’s Play.com, except for Gift Vouchers. In fact, in the coming months you’ll see our merchants running special SuperPoints offers, and points earned can be spent with that merchant, or any other seller within our Marketplace.

To learn more, visit www.play.com/superpoints.html


Q. Will you still have Exclusives?

A. The Marketplace will ensure we have greater choice and from more unique sellers than ever before, with over 20 million listings from a variety of Merchants – it’s full of unique, exciting and exclusive products.

Check out our Merchants and their offerings at: http://www.play.com/marketplace-merchant-directory.html


Q. Will it be as easy to buy from a Merchant as it is directly from Play.com?

A. Yes, you can buy from our Merchants using your existing account. All your orders from different Merchants are tracked in a single account, and are protected by the FairPlay Guarantee. This means that the entire transaction is processed by Play.com and we only pay the Merchant once the seller confirms that they have posted your item so you can shop with confidence.


Q. What is the FairPlay Guarantee?

A.The FairPlay guarantee ensures that you are fully protected when shopping in our Marketplace. It means that if you encounter issues with a Merchant we will safeguard your refund.


Q. What is the refund/return policy with the sellers on the marketplace?

A. In the event that you wish to return your purchase you should contact the seller directly from your Account Page. If you don’t get a response in 3 working days just contact the customer support team and we'll do the rest. Read more at http://www.play.com/information/shop-with-confidence.html


Q. What Merchants are there on the Marketplace?

A. We have a broad and growing range of Merchants across all categories, from DVD and Games to Sports, Toys and Gadgets. We currently have over 20 million product listings and this is growing fast. Meet our Merchants at: http://www.play.com/marketplace-merchant-directory.html


Q. How do I join the Marketplace?

A. Want to be part of the third biggest Marketplace in the UK? Signing up to sell on our Marketplace is simple - check out becoming a seller on our marketplace.