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How to wear & care for your contacts

Coloured contacts are easy to use and great fun to wear. However it is important to use and care for them properly, in order to protect your eyes and reduce the risk of eye irritation. Coloured contacts are safe to wear but if they are not used correctly they can cause irritation. Thankfully most risks associated with lenses are due to improper care, so you can eliminate them by taking the time to clean and
store your lenses correctly.

Are coloured contacts safe to wear?
Yes all our contacts are safe to wear if used and stored
correctly. Please read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that
you are doing so. Do not use cosmetic contacts if you are
experiencing discomfort, irritation or pain in the eye area. If you have
concerns about wearing contacts, please consult an optician. If
you have a previous eye-related condition or severe visual impairment
please consult your optician before wearing cosmetic contact lenses. If
you experience discomfort or pain while wearing cosmetic contact lenses
remove them immediately. If discomfort persists consult an optician.

Will your contacts impair my vision?
No. Our contacts will not impair vision if used correctly. The
portion of the contact lens that covers your pupil is transparent in
order to allow you to see. Be aware that cosmetic contact lenses must be
used and stored correctly to ensure their safety. Please read our
information pages on How To Wear Contact Lenses for more information.

Are your contacts soft or hard?
Our contacts are soft and flexible. The exact flexibility of
cosmetic contacts differs from brand to brand but they are
generally very soft.

What is the size of the contacts and will they fit my eyes?
Our cosmetic contacts are a standard size designed to fit the
average eye. If you have severe visual impairment or an existing
eye-related condition this may not be the case and should consult your
optician before wearing cosmetic contacts.

Do I need an eye examination to use your contacts?
No. Our cosmetic contacts are designed to be used by anyone with
healthy eyes and do not require an eye examination. However if you are
concerned about wearing contact lenses we recommend that you consult an
optician. If you are experiencing eye-related discomfort, have a
previous eye-related condition or severe visual impairment please
consult your optician before wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

How long can I use your contacts for?
Our contacts can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time. Each contact
lens has a life span, which indicates how long they last for after
opening. This is usually between 1 Day and 1 year. Please check the
individual product.

Can I wear your contacts if I have an eye-related illness/condition?
Our cosmetic contact lenses are designed for healthy eyes. If you have
any existing eye-related condition, illness or severe visual impairment
you should always consult your optician before wearing cosmetic contacts.
This also applies if you have recently had eye surgery - wait
until your eyes are fully healed and consult an optician before wearing

Do your lenses come with solution and/or a case?
All our products are sold as listed on individual product pages - if
there is no mention of accompanying solutions etc you will not receive
them. Most of our lenses are sold individually without accessories. Any
sets of contact lenses with a case and solution will be explicitly be
referred to as such. On many of our product pages we recommend a
suitable solution and case. These products are not included in the price
of the lenses and must be purchased separately.

Are the contacts designed for both eyes or just my right/left eye?
Our contacts can be used in either eye.