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Petporte smart flap Microchip Exclusive Access. Your cat is the key!

Peace of mind for you and your cat


Peace of mind for you

No need to worry about unwanted cats harassing your pet or fouling your home! Each of your cats gets a unique personal key to their very own catflap with a strong door and locking mechanism. No need to worry after dark about traffic, other cats or even foxes. This advanced micro-chip controlled cat flap automatically senses light levels and can keep your pet from going out into the dangers of the night. With a snug fit and the included optional tunnel extension, there is no need to worry about having to turn the heat up to minimise extra winter draughts.

Peace of mind for your cat

Safety from other cats coming in to bully me or steal my meal.

No heavy collar weight

Easy access (for cats up to 7Kg) Peace of mind for you both, or for you all (the Petporte smart flap allows 20+ individual keys for those with a big furry family).

Avoid the potential health risks to your cat caused by the stress of unwanted cats entering their home, and the possible heartache for you should something happen to your pet after dark.


Easy to fit

Or, upgrade or repair your old catflap!

You don't need advanced DIY skills to benefit from the advanced micro chip access technology of this cat flap. The Petporte smart flap is easy to fit and comes with everything you need apart from a screwdriver (or drill if you need to make holes in your door). Even better, if you have an existing cat-flap or even an old boarded up opening this advanced catflap easily fits common glass or door 17cm square openings or 21cm diameter holes. Fitting screws and a full installation guide and cutting template are included.

Leading technology which is going to get even further ahead.

Further upgrades are under development including selective restrictions so that, for example, your younger cat could be allowed out at night while your older cat is kept safely inside. Another exciting development will allow you to link your catflap to your PC so you can enjoy learning more about how your pet behaves.