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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Released on 29 February 2008

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

Condition:  New

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The award winning sci-fi action shooter comes to PS3 with additional game content. Epic large scale battles, unique environments and settings, engaging characters and back story and a raft of incredible weapons put you right to the heart of the action. Mankind is fighting for survival on EDN III. As well as the extreme conditions on the icy planet, the colonisers have encountered a deadly new alien enemy - the Akrid. Emerging from the frozen wastelands, these heat-seeking monsters seem impervious to human weapons. They quickly devastate the human outposts, the survivors fleeing to the safety of space. The remaining hardened warriors form small groups, snow pirate clans - either determined to find a way of fighting the Akrid scourge, or of plundering the ruins. In one of those groups, Wayne Holden and his father fight a desperate battle against the largest Akrid, the mythical Green Eye. Wayne sees his father die, before he too is encased in the icy blast of Green Eye's attack. Left for dead, Wayne is found nearly frozen by a snow pirate clan. Wayne's memory is gone, all he can remember is facing Green Eye before the ice closed in. One of his father's inventions, locked to his arm, has saved him. Uniquely, it allows Wayne to heal himself using the energy from Akrid bodies. Back from the ice and hungry for revenge, alongside his new companions, Wayne must hunt for Green Eye, fight for survival and save a lost planet on the edge of extinction. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition comes to PS3 bigger and better than ever - with bonus additional content not previously availble in the original Xbox 360 version. New playable characters in for both single player campaign and multiplayer battles as well as 8 additional multiplayer maps.
rating16+ (PEGI)
Extreme Action: This award winning next-gen action game features state-of-the-art visuals, bringing to life a lost planet, combined with fearsome enemies, gigantic VS battle suits and some serious weaponry. You'll feel every explosion, hear every icy crunch and see every blood spray. Extreme Conditions: Set on a snowbound world, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition brings the chills indoors. Vast, vivid environments see you fighting the elements as well as the Akrid, pitching you against snowstorms, arctic winds and mountains of ice, while battling through the ruined towers, cities and bases humanity has abandoned. Extreme Solutions: State-of-the-art weaponry and gadgets include a grappling anchor to let you zip to safety, or reach new areas. Plus assault rifles, grenades and plasma guns. You can even rip weapons off VS battle suits to grab rocket launchers, laser rifles and gatling cannons. Vital Suits: Built to fight the Akrid and survive extreme conditions, these walking tanks each have unique abilities. One can shoulder two weapons, one can hover and another can perform long jumps and dodges. A VS can be the deadliest weapon against the Akrid or online against rival snow pirate clans. Thermal Energy: In order to survive on EDN III, you'll need to move fast. Your T-Eng thermal energy bar constantly drops as you're exposed to the cold. You need T-Eng to heal yourself, to power VS battle suits and to work some weapons. So keep moving, find shelter and kill Akrid - their dead bodies are a useful source of T-Eng. The pressure's on! Extreme Online: 16-player intense action across eight vast, icy levels. Hunt down hidden weapons, climb into VS battle suits or use your anchor and zip line to find new sniping positions. With four multiplayer game modes, including Team and Solo Elimination, the online action possibilities are endless.